Clackamas County, OR:

  1. To register online, go to
    • New Customers: Contact the Alarm Unit 503-785-5183.
    • Payments for Registrations:
      Residential: $20
      Residential with primary resident 65 or older: No charge*
      Business: $50
      Government Buildings: No charge

    • *A primary resident age 65 years or older is exempt from the permit fee. They are however, still required to have permit on file at the Sheriff's Office.
      The ordinance provides for an additional penalty fee of $75 if the alarm user fails to obtain a permit with the Sheriff's Office within 30 days after the installation of an alarm system.
    • Permit Term
      The alarm permit is valid for a 12-month period beginning on the date of issuance as stated on the permit.
    • Permit Renewal
      Renewal notices are mailed approximately one month prior to the permit expiration date. The permit holder is responsible for submitting the applicable renewal fee and any account information updates to the Sheriff's Office Alarm Unit on or before the expiration date.
    • Payments for false alarm citation: Online payments can be made here:
    • To register by mail, print and fill out the PDF form located at Clackamas County Alarm Registration Form

False Alarms

  • 1st: $0
  • 2nd: $100
  • 3rd: $150
  • 4th and above: $200
  • Late fee: $25
  • Failure to obtain permit: $75

  • The ordinance allows up to four (4) false alarms during the one year permit period. Receiving a fourth false alarm shall be cause to suspend the alarm permit for one year from the date of the last false alarm. A Notice of Suspension, which unless appealed in accordance with the alarm chapter, will be effective and final on the date of mailing without further notice. An appeal of a Notice of Suspension of an alarm permit may be made by the permit applicant. This appeal must be received by the Sheriff within 14 days from the date of mailing of the notice.

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