There is a $40 fee for alarm permit.

Carmel Town Ordinance Chapter 37 establishes a schedule of fines for false alarms.

The schedule of fines is as follows (within 12 consecutive months):
1. First two false alarms no fee
2. Third false alarm $50.00
3. Fourth false alarm $100.00
4. Fifth false alarm $300.00
5. Six to Nine False Alarms $400.00
6. Ten or more false alarms $500.00

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Suffolk County, NY

    The Suffolk County's website is located here:

  1. Registration for your alarm system: Suffolk County opened its Alarm Registration Port in April 2016 to allow residents to register alarm systems. The registration fee for enrollment is $50 for residences and $100 for commercial establishments.

  2. Fines for false alarms and year type : There is a false alarm fine schedule for this city listed below, and links to the official ordinance are below. Select the Ordinance button at the bottom and select "services fees" to view the false alarm fee schedule.

False Police Alarms


False Alarms

The fee schedule for BOTH REGISTERED POLICE AND FIRE false alarms is as follows:

  • 1st: $0
  • 2nd: $0
  • 3rd: $100
  • 4th: $150
  • 5th: $200
  • 6th: $250
  • 7th: $300
  • 8th: $350
  • 9th: $400
  • 10th: $450
  • 11th: $500

The fee schedule for BOTH UNREGISTERED POLICE AND FIRE false alarms is as follows:

  • 1st: $100
  • 2nd: $150
  • 3rd: $200
  • 4th: $250
  • 5th: $300
  • 6th: $350
  • 7th: $400
  • 8th: $450
  • 9th: $500

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Main points of alarm billing program:

The purpose is to reduce the number of emergency responses to avoidable alarms

  • All audible, auto dialing, or monitored alarms are covered by the program
  • All alarms must be registered by the owner/ user
  • Avoidable alarms are those that are triggered by human error or mechanical defect
  • The first two avoidable alarms per calendar year are not charged.
  • Each avoidable alarm after the first two is charged a fine of $50.00

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