Crow Wing County :

  1. To register online, go to Online Registration
    • New Customers: Registration is required in Crow Wing County
    • Payments for Registrations: There is no current fee for new and renewal applications
    • Payments for false alarm citation:
    • There is no information regarding this as of 11/12/2020
  2. To register by mail, There is no information regarding this as of 11/12/2020

  3. For any questions regarding false alarms, registrations, and payments please call: 877-672-1386 for support.

False Alarms

  • There is no information regarding this as of 8/4/2021
  • False Fire Alarms

    As of 8/4/2021 no information regarding fire alarms is available.

    Frequently asked questions

    There is no information regarding this as of 11/12/2020

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    Minneapolis has a false alarm fee structure, see the print Link below. No registration requirements are found. They are calling the first alarm fee a 'registration fee' but we can not find a permit to fill out.

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