City of Santa Monica :

  1. To register online, go to
    • New Customers: Registration of an alarm system is required of any person owning or operating a system in the City of Santa Monica. If any help is needed while filling out application, watch the demos located under each link at Santa Monica forms
    • Payments for Registrations: There is a registration fee per occurrence .
    • Payments for false alarm citation:

      As of 10/20/2020 no information regarding this is available

False Alarms

  • 1st: $0
  • 2nd: $164.86
  • 3rd: $164.86
  • 4th and above: $247.29
  • False Fire Alarms

    As of 10/20/2020 no information regarding fire alarms is available.

    Frequently asked questions

    Does Santa Monica have a no response policy?
  • Santa Monica will not respond to the alarm locations if:
  • The alarm location has 4 or more false alarms within the Fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th)
  • The alarm location has failed to pay the renewal fee or false alarm fine by the invoice due date.
  • The police response will be reinstated if: The alarm user has paid all unpaid invoices. Provided work order indicating that the alarm system has been inspected or repaired.

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